GPIF.exe and GPIF Designer.exe

Version 1
    Question: What are GPIF.exe and GPIF Designer.exe used for?



    GPIF.exe is the executable for GPIF Tool which allows the user to generate GPIF waveforms for the EZ-USB FX and FX2. GPIF Designer is the successor of GPIF Tool. In terms of architecture FX1/FX2LP is similar to FX2 and hence the option to be selected for FX1/FX2LP is FX2. The user guide of the tools can be accessed through their respective help menu. Also see the application notes “EZ-USB FX2 GPIF Primer”, “Implementing an 8-bit asynchronous interface using FX2LP” and “Implementing an 8-Bit Asynchronous Peripheral Interface Utilizing the EZ-USB FX GPIF/Slave FIFOs”.