Addition of new NAND Flash parts to NX2LP-Flex

Version 1
    Question: How to add new NAND Flash parts to NX2LP Using the NX2LP Programming Utility?



     NX2LP is currently compatible with SLC NAND Flash of 512 Byte and 2KByte Page size only. The NX2LP Programming Utility needs to know several parameters about the actual NAND chips that are used in the NX2LP memory device. Rather than require entry of these parameters by the user, the utility looks these parameters up in a file called NandParts.xml. NandParts.xml file can be found in the path C:\Program Files\Cypress\NX2LP after the installation of cy3686 NX2LP_flex development kit. If a part is detected that cannot be found in the lookup table, the dialog box which is added as an attachment will pop-up. In order for the NAND parts to function properly with the NX2LP, it is crucial that the parameters in the dialog be accurately set. The Manufacturer ID and the Product ID are values that the NX2LP retrieved from the NAND parts themselves. When the Save button is clicked, the parameters are saved in a second lookup table called OtherParts.xml. This table is always searched first, before NandParts.xml, when the utility tries to identify a part. After the details have been entered and saved, the new NAND Flash part will have been added to NX2LP and will be identified automatically when connected the next time.