Modifying the parameters of a previously added NAND Flash Part in NX2LP-Flex

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    Question: How to modify the parameters of a NAND Flash part previously added to NX2LP?



    The files OtherParts.xml and NandParts.xml act as lookup tables to retrieve the information of a previously added NAND Flash parts. Both these files can be found in the path C:\Program Files\Cypress\NX2LP after the installation of the CY3686 NX2LP Development Kit. If the particular NAND Flash part is present in the file it shows up on the NX2LP programming utility. If a part is detected that cannot be found in the lookup table, the” Add New Nand Part” dialog box will pop-up. In order for the NAND parts to function properly with the NX2LP, it is crucial that the parameters in the dialog be accurately set. After entering the parameters from the datasheet correctly click on save.When the Save button is clicked, the parameters are saved in OtherParts.xml.

    The parameters of NAND Flash need to be modified if they have been wrongly entered the first time altering the memory density of the particular NAND Flash part. Once the parameters have been entered, next time the device is connected to USB it will show up with the same wrong memory density in the NX2LP programming utility. In order to modify the parameters follow the below steps:
     ·       Right click on OtherParts.xmland select open with WordPad option.
     ·      Select the particular entry for the NAND Flash part whose parameters have to be reentered and delete it.

      ·         Save the OtherParts.xml file after deleting the particular line and reset the NX2LP board.

      ·         Open the NX2LP programming utility and the ” Add New Nand Part” dialog box will open since the Nand Part cannot be found in the lookup table.

    ·         Enter the parameters correctly and click on save button to make a new entry in OtherParts.xml file with the updated parameters.