Firmware Download through CyConsole or Control Centre

Version 1
    Question: It is observed every time that when a hex file or a .iic file is getting downloaded by the CyConsole or the Control Centre, some hex data is being written into the chip before the correct hex file is written. What is the explanation for this procedure?



    It is the Vend_Ax.hex file which is hardcoded into the cyconsole application and is written into the onchip ram everytime you download a hex file or a .iic file. This is needed because if the hex file that we are downloading contains address locations of size beyond that of our onchip ram, cyconsole will write that packet of data into the external ram using the 'a3' vendor command. The FX2LP core will recognize the 'a3' vendor command only due to the reason that it is now executing the code that was present in Vend_Ax.hex. After writing all the bytes of code which had addresses in external ram, cyconsole will reset the cpu and download the rest of the code bytes onto the on-chip ram using the a0 vendor command which is hardcoded into fx2lp and which doesnot need the Vend_Ax code to support it.