PSoC Programmer installer crashes if the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) is not running


This issue affects Programmer 3.0, 3.05, 3.06, and the "beta 1" version of 3.10.

The installer crashes if the "Distributed Transaction Coordinator" service is missing from the list of services in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.

To fix the problem, try following these instructions:

1) Bring up a Windows Command prompt (Start > Run > cmd.exe).
2) At the command prompt, run the command:

msdtc –install

3) Try installing PSoC Programmer again.

If it still does not work, please follow these additional steps:

4) Open the Services GUI (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services)
5) Select "Distributed Transaction Coordinator", and click Stop.
5) At the command prompt, run the command:

msdtc -uninstall

6) At the command prompt, run the command:

msdtc –install

7) Open the Services GUI again, and verify that the services listed below have a status of "Started". If any of them are not started, select them and click Start.

COM+ Event System
COM+ System Application
Distributed Transaction Coordinator
System Event Notification


8) Try installing PSoC Programmer again

Microsoft has documented the issue at the following link:

Modifying your registry is potentially dangerous. The Microsoft Help documentation for the registry editor program says the following - "Although Registry Editor enables you to inspect and modify the registry, normally you do not need to do so, and making incorrect changes can break your system."