PCI Express Clock Buffer Gen 1 or Gen 2

Version 1
    Question: Can the CY28400 or CY28401 devices be used in PCI Express Gen 2 clock buffer applications?


    The CY28400 and CY28401 were PCIe Gen 1 clock buffers and do not support the requirements of PCIe Gen 2 clock buffers. Also, these devices are no longer available from Cypress. At this time, Cypress has no offerings for PCIe Gen 2 clock buffers.
    Cypress offered the CY28400 and CY28401 PCI Express Clock Buffers in compliance with CK409/CK410 specs. These devices have since been spun out to Spectra Linear. These devices are shown as obsolete within Cypress. The assets and intellectual property of its PC clock business, along with the employees in the group, have been spun out to Spectra Linear.

    If interested, please contact Spectra Linear for the status of the CY28400 and CY28401 devices or other equivalents they may offer. Cypress is no longer invoicing these devices.

    The following is the contact information for Spectra Linear:

    SpectraLinear Inc.
    2200 Laurelwood Road
    Santa Clara, CA 95054

    tel: 408-855-0555
    fax: 408-855-0550


    For SLI Taiwan/APAC:

    Elie Ayache – General Mgr. APAC – 886 970 093 598.


    Ben Shen – Technical Marketing Manager – 886-921-422-282.