Application Development using CY7C634xx, CY7C635xx or CY7C636xx

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    Question: What do I need to develop products based on the CY7C634xx, CY7C635xx or CY7C636xx parts?



    There are two fundamental items required to develop products based on the CY7C634xx/635xx/636xx parts:

    1.   CY3654 and CY3654-P02 Development Environment
    2.   CY3649 Hi-Lo Programmer (or other third-party programmer)

    CY3654 and CY3654-P02 Development Environment
    In order to develop a product using the 634xx/635xx/636xx chips, you will need the CY3654 and CY3654-P02 Development environment. This development environment provides emulation capabilities for a variety of applications such as keyboards and other low speed devices based on Cypress' CY7C634XX, CY7C635XX, and CY7C636XX M8-based parts.
    The complete development environment consists of the Platform Board plus a Personality Board. Other Personality Boards can be used with the same CY3654 Platform Board. Please specify both the Platform board (CY3654), and Personality Module (CY3654-PO2) when ordering this particular kit.

    The CY3654 Platform Board Development Kit includes a CY3654 Platform board, an RS-232 Cable, and a Power Supply. The CY3654-P02 Personality Module includes a CY3654Px00 Personality Board, a CY3654Dx00 Applications Board, Target µC Adapters, a target Flex Cable, and application Cables.

    CY3649 Hi-Lo Programmer (or other third-party programmer)
    The CY7C634xx/635xx/636xx parts are One Time Programmable (OTP) parts. The CY3654 and CY3654-P02 development environment does not have the ability to program parts.

    To program the 634xx/635xx/636xx parts, we recommend the Hi-Lo programmer (CY3649) for prototype development and low-volume production. In addition, there are many third-party programming vendors that support these parts.

    Note: CY7C634xx/635xx/636xx parts are NRND.