Vcc requirement at ISSP header in "Reset Programming" mode for PSoC1

Version 1
    Question: Does Vcc need to be on the ISSP header when using "Reset Programming" mode for PSoC1?



    When using PSoC Programmer software and the miniProg1 programmer hardware to program a PSoC1 device (CY8C2xxxx), if you choose "Reset" programming mode the programmer does not check for Vcc prior to issuing a reset (upon initiating a programming cycle).  Therefore you do not need to connect Vcc up to the ISSP programming header.  This can also be a safety precaution when using a supply voltage lower than 5.0V, since if the boards Vcc was connected to the ISSP header it would be possible to accidentaly choose "Power Cycle" programming where the miniProg1 could provide 5V to your boards Vcc.