SSDM_Polarity in System Level project

Question: How to invert the  "SSDM_Polarity" in System Level project of PSoC Designer 5.0?



To change SSDM output polarity, please do following steps:

1.Create project in System Level design using SSDM output and Build it.

2.Open “Project Name[Chip]” view from workspace explorer window(given on right top side )
If your project name is threecolortest, you will see “threecolortest[chip]” tab in workspace explorer. Refer attached screen shot.

3.In this view, you will see SSDM output is connected to Port pins(via horizontal and vertical lines). These SSDM output port pins are mentioned in datasheet of project, which was created after building project in step 1.

4.SSDM8 block output connects to port pin via horizontal line, at the end of this horizontal line there is a small rectangular block (this block is shown by red circle in attached screen shot) Click on this rectangular block and one window will pop up, shown in screen shot.

5.Click on square block in poped up window and select “~A” from drop down list. Close this window.

6. Build project again and check that SSDM output is inverted.