Start up guidelines for PowerPSoC based system

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    Question: What are the steps to bring-up a newly fabricated PowerPSoC based system?



    The inherent specifications of PowerPSoC places it in high voltage systems (up to 32V) controlling large amounts of currents. In such a system, a design error or fabrication/assembly error on the board can cause a malfunction that could in turn cause large voltages to appear across or large currents to flow through components that are not designed for such levels, and therefore cause catastrophic part failures on the board. This could also be a safety issue.

    Therefore, a PowerPSoC based system must be brought up in a deterministic manner that gradually increases the system voltages and currents, after ensuring that the microcontroller and PSoC core in the PowerPSoC device have been verified to be functioning. The attached document discusses the necessary steps and precautions to perform such a system bring-up on a general level.