Generating script file for the older EZ USB series [FX/AN21xx].

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    Question: How to generate the script file for the older EZ USB series [FX/AN21xx]?



    Find attached a utility named ‘CyScript’, which is to be used for generating the script file for the older EZ -USB series. Note that, this utility defaults to the CPUCS location of 0xE600 and a 'Maximum internal address ' of 0x4000. To use for the FX/AN21xx, change these values to 0x7F92 and 0x1B3F respectively .This can be done by using 'Cntrl+P' on the keyboard which pops up a window which allows to change these values.Also note that, there are limitations in using the CyConsole and Control Center for generating the Scirpt file for FX:

    CyConsole: This is coded for a CPUCS register address of 0xE600 and we do not have the option of changing it, so it cannot be used.

    Control center: This can be only used for generating script files for code that resides entirely in internal RAM. Even here, we need to change the CPUCS register address and the 'Maximum internal address 'to 0x7F92 and 0x1B3F. This can be done on clicking the 'Script Parameters' button.

    The Control Center uses Vend_Ax in the process of scripting ,which further uses SETUPDAT[] register in the execution of vendor commands .The SETUPDAT[] register has a difference in location between FX series and FX2 series ,the Vend_Ax getting downloaded looks for the FX2 SETUPDAT[] register location . As such, the FX will not be able to process the A3 vendor command [to write to external RAM] and write to external Memory properly.

    Once the script file is generated, process for downloading the firmware remains same as for the EZ USB FX2/FX2LP. For more information on this, please refer the Application note "Downloading EZ USB FX2LP Firmware using CyConsole Script Capabilities - AN50963" at the link below: