Difference between CYRF6936 and CYRF7936

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    Question: What is difference between CYRF6936 and CYRF7936?



    CYRF6936 is mainly used for HID applications like wireless mouse, keyboard etc.   This device can be interfaced with any microcontroller using SPI protocol.

    CYRF7936 can be used for data acquisition and other sensor network systems.  This uses the Cypress proprietary CYFI protocol which is supported by PSoC1 family of devices (which has a flash above 8K, like CY8C20xx6, CY8C24x94 CY8C27xxx, CY8C29xxx). The entire low level driver and the CYFI protocol stack are taken care by the CYFISNP user module available in the PSoC Designer.

    Additional information on CYFI protocol and kit

    1. A CYFI Demo is available in this link.

    2. To understand the working of CYFI Star Network Protocol look into CYFISNP Datasheet

    3. The kit contents of CY3271 can be downloaded from this link.  The Kit guide elaborately explains how to evaluate the projects in the kit.