Difference between CY7C65640A and CY7C65640

Question: What is the difference between CY7C65640A and CY7C65640?



The difference between CY7C65640A and CY7C65640 as below:

A) Virtual to Physical Port Mapping:


If downstream ports are not defined contiguously from Port 1 to Port n, a CLEAR_TT_BUFFER request issued by the host may be directed by TetraHub to an incorrect port.

B) Transaction Translator Buffer Mismatch:


Under certain system configurations, a split-transaction request from the host is passed by TetraHub to the device and, when the device responds, the response is stored by TetraHub in the wrong TT buffer. This results in an incorrect response to the associated complete-split request issued by the host.

C) Incorrect Speed Detection of a Full Speed Device After a Port Reset: 


When a Set_Port_Reset command is issued by the host to one of the TetraHub downstream ports that is already enabled, TetraHub may report the port speed incorrectly. Port speed is determined by sampling the downstream port one clock prior to driving the reset. If the port is already enabled and traffic is present, this sampling may produce incorrect results.

Benefit of Change : To eliminate corner case device errata.

For more information, regarding these changes we would like you to refer PCN# 050292.