Obsolescence of 56 QFN (8x8x1.0mm) punch singulation products in FX1/FX2LP family

Version 1
    Question: Is CY7C68014A-56LFXC obsolete? What is the drop-in-replacement? Are all parts in FX2LP family in the same package obsolete?



    Yes, the CY7C68014A-56LFXC is obsolete. The drop in replacement part of CY7C68014A-56LFXC is CY7C68014A-56LTXC. A drop-in replacement is defined as a product that is pin-to-pin and function/feature compatible with the obsolete product.

    Please note that both are from the same die and same package. The only difference is in the singulation. Cypress is moving from punch singulation to saw singulation. The saw singulation process is more stable and supports a more reliable supply source for our customers.
    Yes, all parts in FX1/FX2LP family in the same package are obsolete [CY7C680xxA-56LFXx is replaced by CY7C680xxA-56LTXx, CY7C64713-56LFXC is replaced by CY7C64713-56LTXC]. Find attached the PCN (product change notification) for the obsolescence.