POR default Data structure table

Version 1
    Question: What is the format of the ‘POR default Data structure table’ to be used with the command code ‘03’ for CY8C201xx series?



    The command code ’03’ sends new power-up defaults to the Capsense controller without changing current settings unless the 06h command is issued afterwards. This command is to be followed by 123 data bytes according to the POR Default Data Structure table.

    The POR default data structure is the array of registers starting from location 0x04[OUTPUT_PORT0] to 0x81[CS_READ_BUTTON] . Note that this range has 126 bytes, but the POR default data structure is of 122 bytes, this is because of the two Read only bytes at 7A and 7B and two reserved location at 76 and 7D. Barring this, the default data structure table is the continuous array from 0x04 to 0x81. For these Register details, you can check the attached CY8C201xx register reference manual.

    Further, the 123rd byte will be the CRC byte, which is the XOR of the first 122 bytes.