Maximum number of Nodes in CyFi

Question: How many nodes are supported by CyFi  Protocol stack?



Maximum Number of Nodes: Specifies the maximum number of nodes that the hub supports. This value affects allocation of Flash and RAM resources for the hub application. The maximum value is 250 nodes, but you may be limited by Flash or RAM resources to a smaller number of nodes. If the value of the BCD Payload Max parameter is nonzero, the hub maintains an array of buffers (1 buffer per node) to hold back channel data to transmit to the nodes. The size of this array is MAX_NODES * (3 + BCD_PAYLOAD_MAX) where MAX_NODES is the value of the Maximum Number of Nodes parameter, and BCD_PAYLOAD_MAX is the value of the BCD Payload Max parameter. To avoid build errors, this array must fit within a single M8C RAM page (256 bytes).

Example: If The Maximum Number of Nodes parameter value is 60 and the BCD Payload Max propertyvalue is 1, then the resulting array uses 60*(3+1) = 240 bytes of RAM.

If the value of the BCD Payload Max parameter is zero, the hub does not allocate any RAM for back channel data buffers.