Node Connect Mode

Question: What is Node Connect mode in CyFi Protocol stack?



Connect mode is used by the node on power up to establish a connection with the hub. Connect mode is used at power up or a serious communications disruption has occurred. Upon entering connect mode the node uses the hub network parameters to select a channel using the channel selection algorithm. The node transmits connect requests. If an AutoACK is received the node pauses and listens for a connect response. If a hub in data mode receives a connect request from one of its nodes, it sends a positive connect Response to the node and resets its sequence bits for the node. If a node receives a positive connect response it moves to data mode. If a node does not receive a positive connect response, it selects the next channel using the channel selection algorithm and repeats the procedure. If the node does not receive a positive connect response on any of the channels in the subset, it goes to sleep (remaining in connect mode) pending user activity to conserve power.