Error - Could not detect pod - KBA85339

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Question: When I try to either connect to the ICE or download code to the pod, I get the error message "Could not detect pod," in PSoC Designer. What are the points to be taken care of to avoid this error?



Several problems can be encountered while using the debugger. ‘Could not detect pod’ is one of the common error that can occur. To troubleshoot the pod detection issues follow the steps given below.

  1.   Make sure that POD is connected to the ICE properly. For more details on the POD connection please refer the ‘Debugging hardware setup’ section in the Application Note AN73212: Debugging with PSoC1.
  2.   If using ICE-Cube to power pod: Ensure that under the Project>Settings>Debugger menu the radio button with "ICE may power pod" is checked.
  3.   If using external supply to power the pod, first ensure that power is applied to ICE-Cube. Next ensure if the radio button “External only” under the Project>Settings>Debugger menu is checked.

Other possible errors that could occur while using the ICE cube to debug are

  1.   Could not connect to ICE or is Incompatible with the Pod
  2.   ICE Disconnects During Debug Session
  3.   Invalid Memory Reference Occurs During Debug Session
  4.   The Selected ICE Port Cannot be Found
  5.   Program Execution Halts at Unexpected Locations
  6.   USB Hub Power is Exceeded
  7.   No Events are Ever Detected

To troubleshoot the above mentioned error, please refer the section: Troubleshooting in the Application Note AN73212: Debugging with PSoC1 . Also for more details on how to troubleshoot the error ‘Could not connect to the ICE’, please refer the KB article PSoC Designer Error Message "Could not connect to ICE”.