New code compressor directives in Imagecraft compiler

Version 4

    Translation - Japanese:  イメージクラフトコンパイラの新コード圧縮指示 - Community Translated (JA)




    Question: How do I enable / disable code compression in Imagecraft? 

    Response: The following are the two new assembler code compressor directives supported in Imagecraft compiler version 7.02.004 and above to enable and disable code compressor.

    .nocc_start (Disable code compressor)

    .nocc_end (Enable code compressor)

    In prior compiler releases, a sequence of NOP instructions are required to enable and disable code compressor.  While they do not affect the program operations, they do take up code space.  By using the above mentioned assembler directives for code compressor, the code space can be saved.

    For C files, the following defines can be used to define the macros for enabling and disabling the code compressor.

    #define M8C_NoCCStart      asm(".nocc_start")

    #define M8C_NoCCEnd        asm(".nocc_end")