Drive strength modes for clock outputs of CY254xx clock generator family

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    Question: How many drive strength options are available in CY254xx clock generator family parts and what is the impact of the selected drive strength with regard to jitter, power consumption, rise time and fall time?



    There are four drive mode options for outputs of the CY254xx clock generator family: Low, Mid Low, Mid High, High

    As per the name, the current drive capability and power consumption increases from Low drive mode to High drive mode and rise (and fall) time decreases from Low drive mode to High drive mode. For better jitter performance, it is always good to select higher drive mode but one has to trade off with power consumption requirements.

    The CY254xx family includes following part numbers:

    CY25402      CY25483

    CY2544      CY25403

    CY2545      CY25404

    CY2546      CY25422

    CY2547    CY25423


    CY2548      CY25482