Number of Programming Cycles for CY254xx Family of Devices - KBA82622

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    Translation - Japanese: デバイスのCY254xxファミリのプログラミングサイクル回数 - KBA82622 - Community Translated (JA)



    How many times can the CY254xx family of field- and factory-programmable devices be programmed? Devices include: CY2542, CY2544, CY2545, CY2546, CY2547, CY2548, CY25402, CY25403, CY25404, CY25422, CY25423, CY25482, and CY25483.



    This family of devices is one-time programmable (OTP) only. Therefore, both the field- and factory-programmable CY254xx devices are one-time programmable only. Devices that offer I2C can be reconfigured using the I2C interface, but the new configuration data cannot be stored in the nonvolatile memory of the device. The CY2545 and CY2547 devices support an I2C interface that configures the device output divider, spread characteristics, drive strength, and crystal load capacitance. Again, the I2C data is volatile and will be lost when the device is powered down. The programmed configuration will be reloaded at the next power up.