Suggestions for Antenna Design Layout

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    Question: What are the suggestions for antenna design layout ?



    Cypress offers the following suggestions based on the matching network layout to optimize RF board performance:



    - Limit the number of signal vias in the matching network path, because they add unaccounted inductance to the circuit.




    - In contrast, use a large number of vias to tie the front and backside ground plane regions together, especially along the antenna trace.


    - Do not place the crystal under the matching network – antenna section. This could contribute to unnecessary sideband noise.

    - Ensure that there are no isolated GND islands for the components that connect to ground.

    - Orient the chip in the layout such that the RF input/output pins are closest to the antenna. Running longer traces affect the impedance of the network.

    - Use the shortest path traces between components in the matching network.

      - Sharp bends in traces must be avoided. If the component placement necessitates a bend, two 45 degree bends are better than a 90 degree bend.