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    Question: What is KISSBind?



    KISSBind is a method developed by Cypress to provide a simple dynamic bind method. It stands for “Keep It Simple

    Solution”, but is also activated by ‘kissing’ the units—bringing the device in close proximity to the bridge. Note that KISSBind does not necessarily replace other binding methods. It can coexist with one of the manual bind processes described above, thus providing enhanced functionality.


    The bridge can support KISSBind when it is just listening for traffic as part of its normal operation. On the device side there are two situations where it will enter a KISSBind mode. The first is when it is first powered up without ever having been bound. The second is if it has repeatedly failed to get a response from its bridge. If it does not get acknowledgements and cannot locate the bridge on another channel then it will attempt one KISSBind sequence. If that also fails it will go to sleep. When next awakened it will go through the entire process again until it succeeds somewhere along the way.