How to use Keil μVision IDE.

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    Question: Where can I find information about, how to use Keil μVision IDE for development of firmware.



    There are 4 sources, from which you can get this information. They are as follows:

    1. You can get generic information about how to use the Keil μVision IDE, from the ‘Getting Started with μVision’ guide (GS51.pdf). In this guide, chapter 1 to 5 provides, basic information required to use μVision IDE. Further chapters include more advanced information.

    If you want more advance information about Micro assembler or C compiler/library references, you will get it from ‘Macro Assembler and Utilities’ document (A51.pdf) and ‘Cx51 Compiler’ document (C51.pdf) respectively.

    You can locate all these documents in ‘C:\Cypress\USB\uV2_4k\Keil4KB_Cypress\ keil\C51\HLP’, if you have installed the μVision_4K_Demo IDE, which comes as a part of cypress development kits.

    2. If you have installed full version of  Keil μVision IDE, then you can also get the above mentioned documentation, in help menu of μVision IDE. Open μVision IDE -> Help -> μVision Help.

    3. If you got any specific error or you want a specific functionality, then such frequently asked specific help is available as a FAQ from Keil website --

    4. If you want information about setting-up, using and troubleshooting with debugger, which is part of  Keil™ mVision IDE, please refer to the application note AN42499. This information is very specific to the EZ-USB FX2LP family products.

    You can get this application note by clicking -