CY4636 mouse firmware does not run in PD4.4 or PD4.3

Question: The CY4636 mouse firmware does not work when PD4.4 or PD4.3 is used. Why?



If the mouse project is built using PD4.4, then you need to use the bridge project also in PD4.4.

Please install CY4636 to get the original firmware contents. After this, the following procedure should be followed:

After the CY4636 RDK has been installed, copy the ‘\CY4636 RDK\firmware\Source Code\Bridge\lib’ to ‘\CY4636 RDK\firmware\Source Code\Bridge\Copy of lib’ to save the files.
Generate Application.
Copy the usb_1.asm and usb_1_cls_hid.asm files from the ‘copy of lib’ folder to the ‘lib’ folder
Build the Code.

The above information is also given in the CY4636 kit release notes. Make sure that the mouse firmware has the "ljmp Sleep_ISR" in boot.asm.

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