Wiring a bus to I2C in PSoC Creator

Version 1
    Question: How can I connect my I2C component to a digital pin through a bus ?



    The general procedure for making the bus connection is as follows: 

    1. Place the I2C Component. 

    2. Place a wire connecting the two terminals and make it as a bus of width 2. 

    3. Place bidirectional pin of width as 2. 

    4. Right click on wires coming out of the I2C and Pin component and Select Edit Name and Width. 

    5. Select bit and make them as 1 and 0 depending upon the way it should be connected. 

    Make sure that both, the pins and I2C lines, should be connected as a single bit wide wire to the bus.


    The following video explains this process.

    Connecting a Multiple Wired Bus in PSoC Creator