Replacement for CY2071A

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    Question: Is there a replacement for the CY2071A?



    Our CY22381FXC and CY22381FXI are replacements for the CY2071AFXC and CY2071AFXI.  The CY22381 is the same in form and fit but functionally it is more advanced than the CY2071A.  The CY22381 part has three PLLs, whereas the CY2071 had only one PLL.  An important difference is that the CY22381 is 3.3V only, so it cannot directly replace a 5V CY2071A.  However, it can work as a pin to pin replacement for a 3.3V CY2071A.

    The CY22381 and CY2071 are both programmable, but they are built using different technologies and their internal architectures are different.  Therefore, their programming files are different. A CY2071A programming file cannot be used to program a CY22381; a new CY22381 programming file must be created. 

    Note that Cypress programmer support is different for the two devices.  The CY3670 programmer was used to program the CY2071A, while the CY22381 is programmed using the CY3672-USB programmer.

    Additional Description:-

    The CY22381 is an upgrade to the existing CY2081. The new device has a wider frequency range, greater flexibility, improved performance, and incorporates many features that reduce PLL sensitivity to external system issues. The device has three PLLs that allow each output to operate at independent frequencies. These three PLLs are completely programmable