PSoC Creator or PSoC Designer

Version 1

    Question: I am getting started with PSoC. There are two softwares listed for PSoC namely, Creator and Designer. Which software should I use ?

    Reponse: PSoC Designer is the Integrated Development Environment(IDE) for the PSoC 1 parts which include the CY8C24x23A, CY8C22xxx/CY8C21x45,CY8C23x33, CY8C28xxx, CY8C20x34,CY8C27x43, CY8C24x94, CY8C21x34,CY8C20xx6A, CapSense® Express,CY8C21x23,CY8C29x66 family of devices.

    While PSoC Creator is the IDE for the PSoC3 (CY8C3xxx) and PSOC5 (CY8C5xxx) parts.