Registering KEIL compiler of PSoC Creator in a PC without Internet connection

Version 1
    Question: For registration of free Keil C licensing, we are required to connect to Internet through PSoC Creator tool. However, we do not have our computer connected to internet. Do we have any option to register the free Keil C license without PSoC Creator tool installed PC?


    Yes, Register for Keil can be done using the machine which does not have PSoC Creator installed. Following are the steps to be followed:
    1.   Check CID (Computer ID) of the machine for which he wants to register. To check CID, go to Help --> Register --> Keil. Then it will show CID
    2.   Go to following link -
    3.   On this page, on the right hand side, under Product Licencing, select "Single User"
    4.   Enter CID which you noted down on 1st step
    5.   Enter Product ID as IKA1P-M6Q0E-8W7ST
    6.   Fill all other details
    7.   LIC will be sent to you on email
    8.   Now go to machine for which you need to register. Go to Help --> Register --> Keil
    9.   Enter LIC and Hit Add LIC