Error while programming CY8CLED08

Version 1
    Question: When trying to program the CY8CLED08-28PVXI with PSoC programmer 3.11, the following error is thrown: Error shown: “PSoC Device (08 0B 22 10) is not in the Database”  What is the workaround?




    With the 3.11 programmer, in the .DAT file related to CY8CLED08 series, the ID ‘08 0B 22 10’ has been missed. In fact, similar errors would be seen, if we try to program other packages of the CY8CLED08 family as well. Please replace the existing .DAT file with the attached file in the following path:

    C:\Program Files\Cypress\Programmer\3.11\Devices

    This has been fixed in programmer 3.12 and higher