Using a Sheet Connector in PSoC® Creator™ – KBA85341

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC® Creator™ でシートコネクタを使用する - KBA85341 - Community Translated (JA)


    Question: What is a sheet connector? Where can I find this option in PSoC Creator?



    A sheet connector connects Components without necessarily using a wire, across multiple pages in a schematic. It can also be used to simplify the process of connecting a Component output to multiple Component inputs. You may find the sheet connector in the left pane of the TopDesign.cysch file. Refer to Figure 1.

    Figure 1. Sheet Connector Icon in PSoC Creator

    The following example shows you how to use a sheet connector:

    There is an input pin (Pin_1) in "Page 1" of the TopDesign schematic (refer to Figure 2).

    Figure 2. Page 1 of the TopDesign Schematic Where Pin_1 Is Placed

    There is an AND gate in "Page2" of the TopDesign schematic (refer to Figure 3).

    Figure 3. Page 2 of the TopDesign Schematic Where the AND Gate Is Placed

    You will connect Pin_1 from Page 1 to the AND gate’s input in Page 2.

    1.   Place a wire on the AND gate’s input where you wish to connect Pin_1.
    2.   Click the sheet connector icon as shown in Figure 1.
    3.   Place this icon on the wire at Pin_1 as shown in Figure 2.
    4.   Right-click the wire connected Pin_1. Click Edit Name and Width on the dialog box that appears. Give a particular name to the wire—say, "and_input_1" as shown in Figure 4

         Figure 4. Specifying Signal Name for the Wire


    5.   Likewise, place a wire to AND gate’s input in Page 2 and connect it to the sheet connector.
    6.   Right-click the wire in Page 2 and give the same name as given to the sheet connector’s wire in Page 1—that is, "and_input_1"

    The above operations are equivalent to placing Pin_1 in Page 2 of the TopDesign schematic and connecting it directly to the AND gate. By following this method, you can route the input from Pin_1 to different Components placed in different pages in the TopDesign schematic file.