Avoiding changes in the source file to get overwritten in PSoC Creator

Version 2

    Question: Whenever I modify the code in component’s generated source file, it gets removed whenever project is built in PSoC Creator. How to make modification to retain after build?



    The best way to make changes in the component of PSoC Creator is to change the library component itself.

    Here is the way to do it:

    1. Go to Component tab in Workspace Explorer.

    2. Right click on the project.

    3. Select "Import Component".

    4. Select Source Project as "CyComponentLibrary".

    5. Select Source Component which you want to modify.

    6. Hit OK.

    7. Now you have all the source file of this component available in component tab.

    8. You can modify the files as you want.

    Every time you add the instance of that component in that project, this modified version only will be used.

    Note: For security reasons, creator may disable modified component. To fix it , go to Tools->Options-> Design Entry-> Component Security and add the project folder to the approval list.