Searching for the description of Error / Warning / Info Messages in PSoC Creator

Question: Where can I find more information about the error/warning/info message which I'm getting while compiling a PSoC 3/5 project in PSoC Creator?



All the error / warning / info messages are described in the Help -> Topics -> Notice List Error Messages section of PSoC Creator

For eg.,

Let's assume that you are getting the following warning message while compiling the project:

Warning: apr.M0042: Bonded pin(s) "P3[4]" are not used in your current design but have been connected in order to route the design. (App=cydsfit)

In order to know more about this warning , Please go to Help -> Topics -> Search -> Type "apr.M0042" in the Keyword. Press Ctrl + F, and type "apr: M0042". You can go to the description section of this Warning message directly.