First touch kit 3 / MiniProg3 unconfigured

Version 1

    Question: "Device manager is showing PSoC3 First Touch Kit (FTK3) / MiniProg3 as unconfigured. How to make it configured?

    Answer: If the device manager is showing FTK3/miniprog3 as unconfigured, that means the drivers are installed but the appropriate exe file i.e. "CyMiniProg3Service.exe" is not running. This exe file will run automatically when any one of the PSoC software i.e programmer or Designer or Creator is open. Also, you can't program the device without using any of these software. So, if any of the above mentioned software is running, then miniprog3 will be shown as configured. If your FTK3/miniprog3 is still showing as unconfigured, then try to bind the driver manually with ftk3.inf or mprog3.inf respectively. For binding miniprog3 with mprog3.inf and FTK3 with ftk3.inf refer Binding miniprog3 to the appropriate driver manually and Unable to use First Touch Kit KB articles respectively.