Key distinctions between High Performance Buffer family products

Question: Which buffers are members of the High Performance Buffer family and what are the key distinctions between them?



The High Performance Buffer product family, which offers ultra-low additive phase jitter and low output-to-output skew at frequencies up to 1.5 GHz, includes the following devices:

The part numbers help to distinguish the main features of the device:

  •   The fourth digit-- either D or C-- indicates the input type supported. D = differential, C = LVCMOS.
  •   The fifth digit-- either P, L, or M-- indicates the outpu type. P = LVPECL, L = LVDS, M = CML.
  •   The final two digits indicate the fanout number: 10 outputs => 32 TQFP package; 4 outputs => 20 TSSOP package; 2 outputs => 8 TSSOP or 8 SOIC package.

Additionally, the CY2DP1510, CY2DP1504, and CY2DL1504 offer a multiplex feature to allow the user to select between one of two inputs to fanout.

For further details, please refer to each respective device datasheet.