IO power in SRAMs

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    Translation - Japanese: SRAMのIO電力 - Community Translated (JA)



    Does the datasheet provide sum of core power and IO power? How do I calculate the IO power in SRAMs?



    IO power is the power dissipated due to switching of the IO lines of the memory.


    The operating current ICC mentioned in the datasheet includes only the core power, does not include the IO power. You can compute the IO power as shown below.

    Assuming capacitive load only, IO power can be estimated to be ((α)* f *N * CL* V * V)
    α is called the activity factor ; if on an average half the IO's switch per clock cycle, then α is 0.5.
    f is the switching frequency or clock frequency
    N is the number of IO's
    CL is the capacitive load;
    V is the Voltage swing of the IO.




    For example: IO power for (CYD18S36V18) = (10MHz * 36 * 20pF * 3.3^2)/2 = 39.2mW.

    More information can be obtained from this Application Note: