Status of pins while using CY62157EV as 1Mx8 or 512Kx16

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    Translation - Japanese: CY62157EVを1Mx8、または 512Kx16として使用する際のピンの状態について。- Community Translated (JA)


    Question: What should be the state of the pins while using CY62157EV30LL as 1Mx8 or 512Kx16



    Some of our SRAM parts can be configured as 512x16 or 1Mx8. 

    The state of the related pins should be as follows to choose between 512x16 and 1Mx8-






         Status of the pin


         Name of the pin


         Mode : 512Kx16


         Mode: 1Mx8








         /BHE and /BLE


         Refer to the Truth table given in the datasheet


         Do Not Connect these pins, keep them floating


         Pin 45






    Note: In the datasheet of CY62157EV30LL, the pin numbers 10 & 13 are shown as DNU but their actual status is NC, i.e. they are not connected to die. Hence when replacing CY62167EV30 with CY62157EV30, pins 9, 10 and 13 can be either left floating or tied to VCC/GND.