Number of “Clock” component instances in a PSoC 3/5 design

Version 1
    Question: How many clock components can I use in my PSoC 3/5 design in Creator ?



    The clock distribution provides a set of eight digital clock dividers for the digital blocks, and four analog clock dividers for the analog blocks.

    Clock components configured as "New" consume a single clock divider. PSoC Creator automatically discovers whether the clock connects to digital or analog peripherals, and consumes a digital clock divider or analog clock divider as necessary. We can utilize up to 8 separate clock components for digital peripherals, and up to 4 separate clock components for analog peripherals. Any single clock source can be connected to an unlimited number of digital peripherals.

    Clock components configured as "Existing" do not consume any physical resources on the device, and no APIs are generated for them. This is used to route the existing design wide clock (Bus clock, ILO and 32 kHz crystal) to digital peripheral.