CY8C27002-24PVI can't emulate CY8C27443

Version 1
    Question: I get the error message "CY8C27002-24PVI can't emulate CY8C27443" while trying to connect ICE-Cube to the POD. How do I resolve this error ?



    This warning message is expected when the silicon ID of the pod does not match with the silicon ID of the device selected. With CY8C27xxx family this can happen when in the project user has selected a non-leaded part (for example CY8C27443-PXI) and the pod is a leaded (CY8C27443-24PI) or vice versa. In the CY8C27x43 family, the devices with the lead free version (with X in the suffix) have a different silicon ID than the devices in the leaded versin.