Build error in PSoC Designer 5.0 on a German or French Operating System

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    Translation - Japanese: ドイツ語またはフランス語のオペレーティングシステム上でPSoC Designer 5.0のビルドエラー - Community Translated (JA)


    I am getting build errors for projects in PSoC Designer 5.0 that don't seem to occur in a different PC. Both PCs are Windows XP and have the HI-TECH ver 9.6 installed. The only difference between the two systems is that mine has a German OS (Thus the language setting for the compiler was chosen to be German) and the other PC is an English OS (compiler language set to English). What could be the possible problem here? Is the localization of the HI-Tech compiler causes the errors? The error number is 362.



    Firstly, the HI-TECH compiler supports three languages: German, English and French. So the localization of the compiler to German or French should not give errors. When a language is set during installation of the compiler, the compiler uses error/warning codes that are defined in the files de_msgs.txt, en_msgs.txt and fr_msgs.txt in the DAT folder present in the compiler documents for every compilation that is carried out.

    Now, coming to the error code 362. There is an ambiguity in the status of this code in the xx_msgs.txt files of the compiler. It has been defined as an error in the de_msgs and fr_msgs but is only a warning in the en_msgs. This is the reason why the code compiles error free on an English OS but shoots out an error on a German OS. The comparison of the files xx_msgs.txt gives differences in code 107, 111, 176, 337, 362, 363, 768, 878, 1055, 1060, 1180 and missing codes in the German and French files. The non-English files look like an older version with more restricted messaging. So it is not recommended to change messaging to German or French during installation!

    There is more than one solution for this:

    1. Repair the compiler installation and choose English as the default messaging language.

    2. Change the settings for the compiler in Project->Settings-> Compiler. Check the Global and Assembler boxes and change the Optimization and warning levels to filter the warning messages that you want to avoid on compilation.

    3. Change the status of the message codes such that you either change the error to a warning or the level of the warning. Please note that it is not advisable to change an error to a warning but it is alright to change a warning to an error if you wish to impose restrictions on the compilation of the code.