Comparing Digital Signals within the PSoC and outputting Them to a I/O Pin

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    Question: How do I output a digital signal through an analog comparator in a PSoC and output the singal to a I/O Pin ?



    When using a comparator to compare digital signals it is important to route the result/output through a DigBuf before outputing to an I/O pin.  If one attempts to output using an analog buffer, the signal may look attenuated or weak.  This is because the analog bus driver is designed to handle analog signals not digital signals.  It therefore is advantageous to run the output of the comparator from the comparator bus to a DigBuf digital block.  Set Input1 to take in the comparator bus signal and Output1 to wherever you want.  Input2 set to disable and Output2 set to none. Ignore the clock.  Let the Default Load Status be set to Enable, and the InvertInput1 to Normal.  Once this has been configured, you have properly compared two digital signals and sent them to an output pin.