NAND Flash Characteristics supported by NX2/NX2LP

Version 1
    Question: What are the characteristics of the NAND Flash required for it to be compatible with the NX2/NX2LP?



    The NX2/NX2LP support SLC NAND Flashes. It does not work with MLC NAND Flashes.

    It supports interfaces with standard NAND Flashes available in the market. It supports 512byte page and 2k page NAND Flashes with an ECC requirement of 1-bit. As new NAND Flashes keep coming to the market, with new revisions, there is no list as such of compatible NAND Flashes. However, some of the standard NAND Flashes supported can be seen in the file, NANDParts.xml. In case you try to interface the chip with a NAND Flash not mentioned in that file, a pop up comes up that asks you to provide details of the new NAND Flash entered, which is stored in a file OtherParts.xml.

    NX2/NX2LP should support interface with SLC NAND Flashes, of 512b and 2k page sizes. Also, for a single chip, the size cannot be greater that 1GB (for 2k page size) or 2GB(for 2k page size, dual die single chip). Any NAND Flash which satisfies the following time can be interfaced with the NX2/NX2LP. The standard read cycle times (30ns,50ns, 100ns)are supported.