Implementing Capsense CSD and ADC simultaneously

Version 1
    Question: I would like to implement Capsense CSD and ADCINC/DelSig ADC simultaneously in a PSoC1, but PSoC Designer does not allow this.  How do I implement both the functions ?



    As the analog resources for CSD and ADC are common, PSoC Designer does not allow placing both an ADC and CSD user modules in the same project together. 

    There are two ways to implement CSD + ADC.

    1) Use the CSDADC user module.  In this UM, Analog resources are shared among capsense and ADC.

    2)  Use dynamic reconfiguration : More details and implementation can be found in application note AN49079-CapSense(TM) PLUS: Dynamically Configuring Capsense

    Note:  This is applicable to CY8C21x34 and CY8C24x94 family of devices. You can place CSD and ADC together in CY8C20xx6A family of devices.