I2C and SPI not allowed in same project

Version 1
    Question: Why are I2C and SPI UMs not allowed to be placed in the same project in PSoC 1 though there are separate hardware blocks for both of them?



    The reason why PSoC Designer allows to place either of these two modules is because the MOSI is hardwired on P1.1, SS is hardwired on P1.5 and MISO is hardwired on P1.7. Thus, if SPI is used then I2C can not be placed because I2C uses either P1.0 and P1.1, or P1.5 and P1.7 and both the options are preoccupied. Similarly, if I2C is used P1.0 - P1.1 and P1.5 - P1.7 are occupied and hence, SPI can't be placed.