Differences between 'V' parts and 'non-V' asynchronous dual-port RAMs

Question: What is the difference between CY7Cxxxx and CY7CxxxxV for asynchronous dual-port RAMs?  Why do some part numbers have a V in the end?



At this time, Cypress Semiconductor manufactures two types of asynchronous dual port devices with two different operating voltages (VCC). Parts with the same part number are generally the same density and product family, but the V designates that it is a low voltage (3.3V) device. A non-V part number would designate a 5V device. For example, CY7C027 is a 32K x 16 asynchronous dual-port with VCC = 5V. CY7C027V is also a 32K x 16 asynchronous dual-port, but it is a low-voltage device with VCC = 3.3 V.