Cypress USB 2.0 to ATA/ATAPI solutions support  for more than one IDE device

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    Question: Can Cypress USB 2.0 to ATA solutions support  more than one IDE device at the same time?



     AT2  solution  based on CY7C68300A can only support one ATA/ATAPI device at  a time.

    However the  AT2LP solution based on  CY7C68300C/CY7C68301C/CY7C68320C/CY7C68321C chipsets support more than one IDE at the same  time. The entire possible combination of devices supported by AT2LP are given  below

                    1. ATA/ATAPI master only

                    2. ATA/ATAPI Slave  only                                                                                         

                    3.  ATA/ATAPI master and ATA/ATAPI slave

                    4. CompactFlash only              

                    5. ATA/ATAPI slave and CompactFlash or other removable IDE master

    CY4615  DVK board  based on CY7C68320C  supports  the above  mentioned  configurations

    The CY4611 board based on the FX2 (CY7C68013) chip, can also support two ATA/ATAPI devices at the same time - one set to master and one set to slave.