ISSP - Conversion of ISSP vectors to hex

Version 1
    Question: The ISSP vectors shown in AN2026 is a long sequence of 1's and 0's.  I would like to create arrays of hex numbers from this sequence.  How do I do this?



    The following procedure may be used to convert a vector to hex value. First split each vector into 22bit sequences. Then pad each sequence with 2 zeros in the beginning. This will make the length of the sequence to be 3 bytes. Then split this into 3 hex values. For example, following is the first 22 bits of the Initialize-1 vector.

      Add 2 zeros in the beginning
      Now split this into 3 bytes
      00110010, 10000000, 00000000
      32H, 80H, 00H

      For the programming vectors, please refer to the application notes AN2026A or AN2026B.

      The following app note implements an ISSP programmer using a PSoC.

      AN44168 - Host Sourced Serial Programming