DAC current control in Enhanced comparator user module of CY8C22345

Version 1
    Question: In enhanced comparator user module of CY8C22345, how do I control the DAC current (5 bit) if I select VDACL or VDACR as one of the input?



    VDACL or VDACR are the voltage input coming from VDAC5.These values can be set by configuring registers VDAC50CR0 and VDAC51CR0.Writing to these registers, VDAC block can convert a 5-bit width digital code into analog voltage on VDACL and VDACR respectively within range from Ref Input/31 to Ref Input. Ref Input can be selected as Vdd or from regulated bandgap output by configuring register VDAC_TRIM.

    For detailed information on VDAC please refer VDAC section on