Error: Invalid Compiler License

Version 1
    Question: Why does the PSoC Designer 5.0 give an error of "!E C:\Program Files\Cypress MicroSystems\PSoC Designer\tools\InvalidCompilerLicense.txt(0): ...Operation terminated. Compiler License invalid or not accessible" even though a valid license is installed?



    If the project was previously build with Imagecraft or Hi-Tech compiler. Then by default the project setting for that particular project will use the compiler which has been used for previously compilation instead of using the default compiler.

    If  the compiler which was previously used for compilation is not installed then it will provide an error of "Invalid CompilerLicense.txt(0)".

    PSoC Designer 5.0 provides a feature for selecting different license for a particular project while having a different compiler as a default compiler. The default compiler will be used for new projects only and for the project which has been previously compiled using some specific compiler will not use default compiler and will look for that specific compiler only.

    In order to remove this problem, select the license installed in your system from Projects -> Settings -> Compiler-> Hi-Tech/Imagecraft.