RTC Interrupt at a Specific Time - CY8C22x45

Version 1
    Question: I would like to generate an interrupt from the RTC in CY8C22x45 when the RTC's time equals a preset time.  Is the RTC module in CY8C22x45 capable of generating an interrupt at a specific time?  If not, how can this be implemented?



    No, the RTC does not provide interrupt when the time equals a preset time.  Generating an interrupt at a specific time requires a comparision of the RTC's time with the preset time.  The RTC inside the CY8C22x45 device is made of three counters and they do not have any compare function. 

    But, the RTC can generate an interrupt when seconds, minutes, hours or days get updated.  The comparision of time can be implemented in the ISR of this interrupt.